[row][column width=”6″]Welcome, everyone! My name is Nicole.

I graduated from the wonderful George Mason University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a concentration in Graphic Design.

My experience in using design software began in my early teens, and until studying the field in college, I took the initiative to teach myself everything I knew. Having started designing purely for my own enjoyment, I feel this has allowed me to grasp multiple facets within the industry (although, there will always be something new to learn). My design inspiration tends to lean on the side of bold and attention grabbing, although I do have a softer side and a vivid imagination – its what helps me make you, my client, stand out.

I am currently a graphic artist with RealNetworks, Inc. The company has given me great opportunities to create artwork not only for our client, Verizon Wireless, but for other outside clients, including the NFL, various record labels, Disney, and Country Music Television, among others. I have also had a hand in preparing artwork within the company for various projects. Most recently, I assisted with the creation of graphic assets (art for e-mail burst, flyers & posters, and online artist promotional material) to be utilized in the launch of the company’s newest direct to consumer product, a music and status message application called LISTEN.[/column]
[column width=”6″]
I also recently held a position with Alliance Harsha Advertising, a quickly growing agency that helps independent grocers to brand themselves and attract customers through the use of weekly circulars. The role I occupied relied heavily on my ability to meet deadlines for the work and to quickly adapt in situations where clients may have requested a rush or other problems arose. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the clients on redesigning their advertisements when needed, and to also be relied upon for the creation of mailers, coupons, and other marketing collateral. I participated in a strong team environment but was equally able to shine on my own.

I am hard-working and strive to put out a product that, ultimately, I am proud of. I feel that if you are unable to have that connection to your work, whether for commercial or personal purposes, you set yourself up for mediocrity – and mediocre just isn’t what I do.