Hi, my name's Nicole Francisco.

I'm a Creative Manager / Graphic Designer ready to take on the world.
A new design is always the beginning of an adventure - and I love adventures.

My Resume



I am fascinated with the world. One of my great obsessions is traveling, and I haven't done nearly enough of it. Recently, however, I've been craving a firsthand look at what is said to possess indescribable beauty - Iceland. It is a land of magic and wonder, where lights dance merrily in the sky above and the fire giant Surtr brings lava from below.

Icelandair has been around for decades, connecting the rest of us to this beautiful land. Other ads have presented messages in a similar fashion in the past: simple and to the point. The tagline, "Unlike Anywhere Else" is meant to add a sense of allure to the airline, a vastness which is reflected in the selected photography.

A personal project.

I don't get much time to really design for myself. When the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 was announced, however, I became unreasonably excitable. Excitable enough to create a mock-up ad, one that I imagine would be feature in the likes of Vogue. While a small project, I enjoyed being able to play within a unified color scheme and do something just a little different. All of the copy is courtesy of Pantone, and their official description of Greenery, 2017's Color of the Year.